Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm board

Typing this in blue because thats how i feel today totally fed up & board i have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for my new toy the cuttlebug to arrive & i'm so p****d off as i have a load of new dies to try.Just ordered another 5 lastnight but sshh dont tell Charlie he he. So i haven't been making many cards just using up some of my older ones that's been lying about in a basket for ages i have a load of new stuff to play with including loads of the big bloomers which are to die for some beautiful colours.Got an email today from the internet holiday company that we booked up with for going to Majorca it was to tell us our flight times have changed.Coming home we were supposed to fly from Palma at 20.20 but it has now been put back to 02.00 so we dont get back untill around 04.00 on the sunday morning & thats to Edinburugh then we have a good hour & a half drive home.The good thing about it is we get to stay in majorca a couple of extra hours which suits me as i never want to come home anyway the rotten thing is we have to be out our rooms by noon unless it's quite they will let us keep a room on till 6.00pm.Cant wait to go back to my second home we just love it but we are only going for a week this year as we are booked up to go to Florida in october which will be different cant wait to go craft shopping.Oh well thats it for now.