Sunday, November 05, 2006


This is baby Amy she is my daughters friend's baby we are having her over night she is 8 weeks old & is full of smiles.Just hope she is good during the night she is sleeping in the girls room so they will see to her if she wakes up for a feed.She is a very contented baby & only cries when she's hungry.This is her with uncle Charlie & auntie Maggie.I love babies when they are at this stage she just looks all around taking everything in she got her eye on my clock with the swinging pendulum & she just lay there staring at it for ages.She's just like a wee doll & i love getting cuddles with her.

Amy with uncle Charlie

Amy with Auntie Maggie

Update Amy was as good as gold she only wakend up once & that was at 4.30am she then slept through till 9.00am took a little drop milk & crashed out again that was her till 11.30 this was a plesure to have her & would keep her over night again anytime.