Friday, August 18, 2006

Guess what im listening to

Well im sat hear at the computer listening to music from the 70s my young brother is into lots of music infact i dont think there's anything he doesn't know.Anyway i was listening to the radio last weekend & they played a lot of songs from the 70s you know the kind that you forgot exsisted so that got me looking into making a play list on my media player but i was having trouble thinking who had what out & was it the 70s or 80s.So my young brother emailed me from Dubai & the list of 70s music he sent me is great there's songs that were out when charlie & i were going out with each other so they bring back lots of memories good ones at that.Right now im listening to jeans on by David Dundas then there's walking miracle,up town top ranking,love train,heart on my sleeve your baby ain't your baby anymore & loads of others including The Bay city rollers who i loved and must admit still do.Gosh lisening to all these songs just take me right back they make me feel good so thats a good thing. I cant belive save all your kisses for me by Brotherhood of man was out when we got married 28 years ago oh god im starting to feel old.