Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting stressed

I am starting to feel really stressed out mum goes into hospital for her knee replacement next wednesday so Charlie & i are going through to Glasgow on the tuesday night mum is being admitted on the tuesday so they can do tests ect before her op im just so scared something might happen to her i know that sounds really silly.She was told by the surgeon that her blood clot could come back & she might not survive surgery but he was only telling her this is what MIGHT happen.I know there's a risk with all surgery but when mum took a blood clot over in Benidorm 6 years ago she was one very very lucky lady as the clot had moved to her heart & lungs according to the doctors over in benidorm she should be dead in those circumstances any way after 3 weeks in ICU she made it home and well but she's getting older now she is 71 & we have all noticed since dad died her health isn't so good.I suppose im getting myself into a state for nothing but thats just me i could go on & on with this blog as there's a lot more to it but thinking about it & writing it all down seems silly lets just say my head is really mucked up at the moment.