Friday, February 02, 2007

Wedding changes

Well just when we think everything is sorted it has to change Susan has now decided she wants to go to the same shop where Lesley got her dress from & try a few on so no problem there it's actually going to be better because both Lesley & Susan have picked their bridesmaid dresses from this shop so if Susan likes a dress in this shop then everything will be ordered from the same shop instead of going from one shop to another.
The next change is Lesley & blair's date it's a long story but they have now moved the date forward but only by 6 weeks so the wedding will be on 29th August instead of 10th October something to do with the band they want.I can deal with 6 weeks earlier as long as it's not 6 months anyway they called the hotel where they are getting married to see if that date was avalible & it is so they are going out tomorrow to confirm & pay a deposit.Blair has decided he wants a minister to marry them his mum & dad are good friends with their local minister so they are going to make arrangements to see him.On sunday Lesley,Debbie,susan & i are going to a wedding fair on sunday so that should be good hope to get a few ideas i'm looking forward to the fashion show seeing all the girls with their lovley wedding dresses on & the men in their kilts (OOO i love to see a man in a kilt)I think thats it for now will tell you how it went on sunday.