Tuesday, January 09, 2007

9 Days already

Gosh who would belive it's 9 days into the new year already.I think it has gone quickly for me as i have been poorly & have been doing a lot of sleeping anyway i'm starting to feel better now thank goodness.Hope everyone had a nice new year. We were at one of our local pubs to bring the bells in & our favourit duo were playing that was untill we had a power cut yes everything went out at first we thought it was just the pub but we soon found out it was the whole of Arbroath.The pub had emergency lighting so we just sat around as no one could do anything you couldn't get a taxi as the systems were down so we just had to make the best of a bad situation.Hayzl the female of the duo tried to start a sing song but no one was listening so me being me after a few little tipples said to Charlie,Debbie Lesley & the other 6 at our table lets start singing flower of scotland thinking no one will join in how wrong was i. I started it off the table joined in then the whole pub joined in it was great of course one song led to another then the bells went & everyone started singing Auld lang syne which brought a tear to my eye.Another couple of songs & hey presto the power was back on this was at 00.30 but the duo played till 02.00 so all in all it was a good night different but good. Looking forward to making some cards now that i feel a better got some dies & other things from santa but they are lying untouched so hopefully i can make a start this week. Oh well thats it for now