Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Feeling really down

Been feeling very down & low for the last few days i think it's the depression at first i put it down to holiday blues but that usually only lasts a couple of days after i have come home & i have been home nearly 2 weeks.I dont know why i'm feeling like this as everything is fine we nearly everything is fine there is something bothering me but dont want to go into detail.about it.Yesterday afternoon i went up to bed and slept for a couple of hours i didn't feel tired i was just feeling very tearful this morning i didn't get out of bed till gone 10.30 did a little bit of housework but nothing much.charlie & the girls know how i'm feeling although i do try to hide it from them my mum noticed there was something not right with me when we went to my sisters to visit her but i just made an excuse & she didn't say anymore.I'm already on antidepressants which my gp just uped the dose a few weeks ago i just wish i had my best friend around to talk to as she was a great listener & listened to all my problems & she understood me but sadly she died 8 years ago & i could never find anyone like her again she just new by looking at me or if she phoned she would know there was something wrong with me.I miss her so much but thats not the reason i'm feeling like i do but i know if she was hear today she would know what to do about what's bothering me.I haven't been making cards either as it seems to much of an effort tonight i was asked to make a weddding acceptance card & it took me all my time to do just that.I seem to be spending money on craft stuff then not doing anything with it but i suposse i will feel like making cards again soon.So thats it for now dont know when i will blog again as it's taken me ages to do this so bye for now.