Thursday, November 23, 2006

OMG Lesley

Lesley asked Blair to marry her & he said YES so they are getting engaged although we were told to tell everyone lesley isn't to sure when he will put the ring on her finger she would like it just now but Blair wants to wait till christmas day.Everyone is sssssooooo excited for them both Blair is such a lovley lad.They have only been going out for 5 months so although it's quite early in the relationship to get engaged they are not getting married till 2010 as they both have debts to pay off plus i we will need all that time to save up.As long as they are both happy charlie & i are happy when she has the ring on her finger i will take a photo & post it for everyone to see.OMG i cant belive i'm going to be mother of the bride & Charlie father of the bride oh i have butterflies just thinking of it.Will keep you updated with whats happening.
tara for now