Thursday, July 20, 2006


This is my nephew Scott Lesley took me over to my sister's with scott's birthday presents he will be 4 tomorrow his mum took him & his brother Callum to get their hair cut and Scott got a spiked hair cut the same as his big brother.He looks a lot older now he has lost his liitle boy look he was all excited saying auntie Margaret i got gel in my hair he is a little darling.The other spike is Scott's brother Callum he will be 9 in August he stood next to me today & im only about 2 inches bigger than him he is so tall Callum is a darling to although he doesn't like me saying that now as he gets embarrased.They never fail to cheer me up Callum can do a great impression of Nicki from big brother he is so funny he can also do pete he had me in stitches kids are just so funny.