Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our holiday photo's

Debbie & i having a go at karaoke.Debbie always sings but i need a bit of dutch courage to even try.
Hear is Debbie & i sampeling the cocktail sex on the beach and very nice it was to.
This is Robbie Williams singing want you back to me he kissed my hand when he finished.If only he was the real Robbie oh well a girl can dream.

And this is the Beatles We went to see them at our friend's hotel.

This as you can see is Elvis yes i know he's dead HE HE.Oh the stars you see when your in Majorca.
This is Westlife tribute with Debbie,Lesley & myself of course.Tell you what a bunch of terrific lads they are.And all hunks.

Hear is one of the lads from Westlife tribute band singing flying without wings to me he was hunky & had lovley after shave on. Well thats all for now it took me ages to do this so thats probebly how it seems all muddled.But i couldn't be bothered starting again.As you can see by the photo's we had a great time.