Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog up date

Her is a sneak preview of the back of the dress lesley likes (SHHHH)

Thought i had better give an update now that i'm back to my old self again. Whats been happening well on friday nicola (Dollydimple) came to mine as i was buying an alphabet set from her she is so lovley had a cuppa & a good old chat as this was my first time meeting her well unless you count me going to see her in dundee when she was doing the market but we never got much of a chance to talk. We made up for it though on friday we lost track of time showed her some of my stash that i buy & dont use (He He) By the way Nic i still haven't used my alphabet set yet.
On saturday i went with Lesley to see wedding dresses she is not getting married till 2009 but she wants to start looking & trying when she tried on the one she loved i started crying she looked beautiful. We will of course look at other dresses & other shops i think they have decided on burgandy bridesmaids but that could change.
Lesley's friend susan is getting married next year & she asked me to help pick her dress as her mum isn't going to the wedding & she doesn't really bother with susan so i was only to happy to say yes i will come with her.Debbie & lesley are to be bridesmaids but she wants me to sit at the top table as a stand in mother of the bride because she said i'm more like a mum to her than her own mum is so to be asked to do that is fantastic it means i get to have 2 mother of the bride outfits & 2 HATS. So for the next couple of years thats all it will be wedding this wedding that but know what i'm really looking forward to it all we just have to get Debbie a lad now. Well that's all i have to report for now will try to keep you all updated.



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