Thursday, February 22, 2007

My new toy

Well i got my new toy late on monday afternoon it's a cuttlebug which is basically the same as the zip emate only smaller & more compact & it cuts like butter. So far i have cut different sizzix dies & Quickcutz dies but i haven't made any cards yet i will wait till i cut a load more then i can make lots of different cards.With the cuttlebug being small i dont have to pack it away & pull it back out when i need something cut as i just leave it on the kitchen table.I'm going to get some cuttlebug dies when cutting edge crafts get them in as i like the look of some of the alphabet sets i can also get dome Ellison thick dies which you can use in the cuttlebug so i need to start saving again.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm board

Typing this in blue because thats how i feel today totally fed up & board i have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for my new toy the cuttlebug to arrive & i'm so p****d off as i have a load of new dies to try.Just ordered another 5 lastnight but sshh dont tell Charlie he he. So i haven't been making many cards just using up some of my older ones that's been lying about in a basket for ages i have a load of new stuff to play with including loads of the big bloomers which are to die for some beautiful colours.Got an email today from the internet holiday company that we booked up with for going to Majorca it was to tell us our flight times have changed.Coming home we were supposed to fly from Palma at 20.20 but it has now been put back to 02.00 so we dont get back untill around 04.00 on the sunday morning & thats to Edinburugh then we have a good hour & a half drive home.The good thing about it is we get to stay in majorca a couple of extra hours which suits me as i never want to come home anyway the rotten thing is we have to be out our rooms by noon unless it's quite they will let us keep a room on till 6.00pm.Cant wait to go back to my second home we just love it but we are only going for a week this year as we are booked up to go to Florida in october which will be different cant wait to go craft shopping.Oh well thats it for now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A lovley day

Boy that tastes good Amy enjoying a lick of uncle Charlie's icelolly

Had a really lovley day today i done a spot of babysitting for debbie & Lesley's friend Susan. Her daughter is 5 months old & her name is Amy she is just a little angel full of smiles & telling stories she was no bother i have watched her before & she's just a happy & contented baby (Just the way i like them) Any way i gave her lunch which was baby rice followed by her milk gosh you cant feed her quick enough as soon as you took the spoon away to put more food on it she was sat there with her mouth wide open waiting for more.She lay & kicked her legs & tried to do her new party trick rolling over on to her tummy but she just couldn't do it today then she fell asleep for nearly 3 hours & wakened up for her tea but before that uncle Charlie was giving her licks of his icelolly & boy did she enjoy it.We think she's started teething as she kept eating her fingers & when i gave her a teething ring she was biting really hard on it

Monday, February 12, 2007

More Blooms

Well after feeling really down the past few days i have just treated myself to some more Blooms i got some (Well a load) a couple of weeks ago & i was going through the site that sells them when another £17.00 worth fell into my basket.I keep buying all these beautiful things & not doing anything with them i am still waiting for my cuttlebug so will start using some of my stash up then.The amount of stash i have is getting bigger by the week i really need to stop impulse buying i bought an alphabet set from Nicola at the beginning of the year & i still haven't used it. I really should start making mothers day cards but it looks like my get up & go has gone for good i think it got thrown out with the christmas paper,cards ect. If it doesn't come back soon i will end up selling everything but thats something i DONT want to do i have lots of ideas i just cant be bothered doing anything about it.Oh well thats all for now.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog problems

Sorry i haven't bloged for a week but i keep having problems with my blog when i go to sign in it say's sign into old blog or new blog i always go to old blog but i have to enter my user name & password then it goes on to say i need a google account so i tried setting this up but it wont accept my email address saying this address is already being used then it say's something about my url which i haven't the foggiest idea about.So if if keep having these problems i may just stop blogging altogether either that or set up a new blog.Oh well thats my winge over for now he he not a lot happening hear at the moment it's been a funny week weather wise we have had snow (Although it didn't lie) rain,hail,thunder & lightning & just really cold had to turn the heating up roll on the summer. I haven't really been doing much card wise only making cards when need to i'm waiting for my new toy to come yes i'm getting a cuttlebug it's been ordered from USA by a lady with a craft shop in Forfar.So far i have been waiting more than 2 weeks but she contacted me on friday to say it is in the country but it's at parcel force's ware house & they have a huge back log going back to 6th of january so who knows when i will get it the lady did say i could cancel if i want as she can understand i have been waiting all this time but hey what i dont have i dont miss & i know i will get it eventually.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wedding fair

Well today Lesley,Debbie,Susan & i went to a wedding fair in Dundee & boy what a day it was.There was 90 stalls there all with different ideas & prices my best stalls were the wedding cake stalls i have never ate so much wedding cake in my life it was all beautiful.Some of the prices that people are charging is really a joke one photographer wants £1,900 for 50 photo's & a silk wedding album ok they were nice but i wouldn't pay that kind of money the same guy wants £ 800.00 for a basic package wedding video i mean where do they get their prices from.Just as well my brother is doing the photgraphy he is semi professional & all lesley has to pay for is the album there was a couple of ladies there with hand made wedding stationery very small cards with ie a heart stuck in the middle there was one that had ribbon down the middle with a bow stuck on it the ribbon was squint they were charging day/evening invitations FROM £2.20 i know i shouldn't judge other crafters work but they really weren't worth the money.They had a fashion show some nice dresses but i wasn't really looking at the dresses more at the young lads in kilts doing cartwheels (Just a pity they had boxers on)HA HA.All our heads are buzzing with everything that went on i think Susan got the biggest shock she never realised how much things cost she just kept saying i'm not going to have enough money for my wedding but i have told her not to worry about it & that we will sit down next week & make a list of what she really needs & what she really doesn't i'm sure we will come up with a suitable budget for her.Well thats all for now oh except Blair booked their band today so that's something else done.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Wedding changes

Well just when we think everything is sorted it has to change Susan has now decided she wants to go to the same shop where Lesley got her dress from & try a few on so no problem there it's actually going to be better because both Lesley & Susan have picked their bridesmaid dresses from this shop so if Susan likes a dress in this shop then everything will be ordered from the same shop instead of going from one shop to another.
The next change is Lesley & blair's date it's a long story but they have now moved the date forward but only by 6 weeks so the wedding will be on 29th August instead of 10th October something to do with the band they want.I can deal with 6 weeks earlier as long as it's not 6 months anyway they called the hotel where they are getting married to see if that date was avalible & it is so they are going out tomorrow to confirm & pay a deposit.Blair has decided he wants a minister to marry them his mum & dad are good friends with their local minister so they are going to make arrangements to see him.On sunday Lesley,Debbie,susan & i are going to a wedding fair on sunday so that should be good hope to get a few ideas i'm looking forward to the fashion show seeing all the girls with their lovley wedding dresses on & the men in their kilts (OOO i love to see a man in a kilt)I think thats it for now will tell you how it went on sunday.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hear is a sneak look at the top of the dress it's beautiful

Well today it was the turn of Lesley's friend Susan to go wedding dress shopping after getting off to a bad start with our first appointment cancelled due to the shop getting flooded.Anyway we managed to get an appointment for another shop so there was Susan telling the lady what kind of dress she was after so the lady come in with 4 Susan tried them all on but they didn't really do anything for her. The lady went away & come back with something different & as soon as it was on all we could hear was susan saying WAWO the curtains got opend & WAWO was what Lesley & i both said before our eyes was princess Susan she looked stunning i started crying A because she DID look stunning & B because i wish her mum could see her. Susan & her mum dont really get on which is why she asked me to stand in.Tomorrow it's bridesmaids shopping like Lesley susan is having 4 bridesmaids so that will be fun.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Up date

Well today i have been sitting going through loads of wedding magazines & my head is buzzing.Lesley & Blair are going to the hotel they hope to get married in on sunday night they are going to speak to the manager lesley & i met him before when we just so happend to pass that way in the car it's only about 15 miles from our house.They have a date in mind but i have been told not to say when that is yet just incase the hotel is booked for that date but the wedding wont be till 2009 yes i know it's 2 years away yet but popular places get booked up quickly hear but once everything is provisionally booked then we can relax for a while.Oh well better head off to bed now as my head is swimming with wedding thoughts.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog up date

Her is a sneak preview of the back of the dress lesley likes (SHHHH)

Thought i had better give an update now that i'm back to my old self again. Whats been happening well on friday nicola (Dollydimple) came to mine as i was buying an alphabet set from her she is so lovley had a cuppa & a good old chat as this was my first time meeting her well unless you count me going to see her in dundee when she was doing the market but we never got much of a chance to talk. We made up for it though on friday we lost track of time showed her some of my stash that i buy & dont use (He He) By the way Nic i still haven't used my alphabet set yet.
On saturday i went with Lesley to see wedding dresses she is not getting married till 2009 but she wants to start looking & trying when she tried on the one she loved i started crying she looked beautiful. We will of course look at other dresses & other shops i think they have decided on burgandy bridesmaids but that could change.
Lesley's friend susan is getting married next year & she asked me to help pick her dress as her mum isn't going to the wedding & she doesn't really bother with susan so i was only to happy to say yes i will come with her.Debbie & lesley are to be bridesmaids but she wants me to sit at the top table as a stand in mother of the bride because she said i'm more like a mum to her than her own mum is so to be asked to do that is fantastic it means i get to have 2 mother of the bride outfits & 2 HATS. So for the next couple of years thats all it will be wedding this wedding that but know what i'm really looking forward to it all we just have to get Debbie a lad now. Well that's all i have to report for now will try to keep you all updated.