Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog problems

Sorry i haven't bloged for a week but i keep having problems with my blog when i go to sign in it say's sign into old blog or new blog i always go to old blog but i have to enter my user name & password then it goes on to say i need a google account so i tried setting this up but it wont accept my email address saying this address is already being used then it say's something about my url which i haven't the foggiest idea about.So if if keep having these problems i may just stop blogging altogether either that or set up a new blog.Oh well thats my winge over for now he he not a lot happening hear at the moment it's been a funny week weather wise we have had snow (Although it didn't lie) rain,hail,thunder & lightning & just really cold had to turn the heating up roll on the summer. I haven't really been doing much card wise only making cards when need to i'm waiting for my new toy to come yes i'm getting a cuttlebug it's been ordered from USA by a lady with a craft shop in Forfar.So far i have been waiting more than 2 weeks but she contacted me on friday to say it is in the country but it's at parcel force's ware house & they have a huge back log going back to 6th of january so who knows when i will get it the lady did say i could cancel if i want as she can understand i have been waiting all this time but hey what i dont have i dont miss & i know i will get it eventually.