Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Up date

Well today i have been sitting going through loads of wedding magazines & my head is buzzing.Lesley & Blair are going to the hotel they hope to get married in on sunday night they are going to speak to the manager lesley & i met him before when we just so happend to pass that way in the car it's only about 15 miles from our house.They have a date in mind but i have been told not to say when that is yet just incase the hotel is booked for that date but the wedding wont be till 2009 yes i know it's 2 years away yet but popular places get booked up quickly hear but once everything is provisionally booked then we can relax for a while.Oh well better head off to bed now as my head is swimming with wedding thoughts.


  • All sounds really exciting Maggie - no wonder your head is buzzing!


    By Blogger Em, at 17 January, 2007  

  • so much going on - what an exciting time for you...amazing how far in advance everything is booked

    By Blogger Carolyn, at 26 January, 2007  

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