Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another year older

Well it was my birthday yesterday im 48 now gosh thats scary anyway i had a nice day my mum & my aunty Isa came up from Glasgow for the day which was nice.I got flowers & money from Charlie lots of little pressies from the 2 girls and more money from my mum,MIL & aunty so guess who's going to have a crafty shop only thing is i dont know what to buy with it yet i have a few ideas but just cant make my mind up.My brother phoned me from Dubai which was nice he had forgot to get me a card so he phoned instead i love speaking to him he is doing so well for himself & we are all very proud of him.My sister,hubby & kids are in Majorca they left on monday morning they had no delay's she phoned me tonight to tell me how hot it was but how they are getting eating alive with mossies.We fly out to majorca on the 9th cant wait & all being well mum should be on the road to recovery after her knee replacement fingers crossed anyway.Well thats all i have to say for now gosh when i look back on my posts they are nearly all the same i lead a very boring life.