Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feeling sad

I have been feeling very sad & down this week we were through at Glasgow visiting my mum from saturday till sunday & my sister was there to but we weren't just visiting we had to go through mum's house to clear out a lot of stuff since dad died mum has kept everything the same but whilst we were in Majorca my brother come home from Dubai for a week & him & my sister made a start clearing dad's wardrobes,drawers ect.You wouldn't belive the amount of stuff there was to get rid of anyway we come accross a lot of dad's personal things so my sister & i decided to split all the paper work ect into bags & take them home to put through the shredder.Marion took the bag with all the old photo's photo's we never knew exsisted photo's of my dad's brother who was killed in the war photo's of our great grandparents and a lot more anyway i started on the lot i brought home with me it had some of dad's wage slips & i actually found his first wage slip from 1946 he was only 15 he was paid 4 shillings & sixpence it made me cry reading all this stuff i felt like i was invading dad's privicy but it had to get done.I feel all i have done since monday is cry i didn't want to post this on CBC forum as thats all i seem to do is post about me crying and getting upset but it has been a very hard & difficult year for me. My couisin Jane (Baby George's mum)come over on sunday and took us to see George's grave it was really sad but i had promised jane i wouldn't cry but it ended up i made her cry all i did was give her a big cuddle when i saw her that was the first time i have seen her since George died looking at his tiny grave was enough to break your heart in two.Im going to end this part of my Blog as its upsetting me just reading it back to myself hopefully my next entry will be happy with happy pictures.