Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lesley & Blair

Hear is a photo of Lesley & Blair at Blair's best friend's wedding Blair was best man.They really enjoyed it & had a lovley day for it to.Blair was really nervous about making his speech but he did really well.Blair's mum so happend to say to Lesley that Blair is the only one out of 5 friend who ISN'T married then went on to tell everyone that they were very fond of Lesley & she hopes some day she will become part of their family which i thought was very nice i say the same about Blair he's a lovley lad & he's good to lesley.So who knows i MIGHT have to be buying a new hat in the future. I know this sound silly but if they did get married Lesley would become Lesley Edgley a bit of a tounge twister & Blair couldn't use our name as our surname is Blair so that would make him Blair Blair.Oh thats Blair at the left hand side