Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not much

I have not updated for a few days as there's nothing much happening at the moment.My daughter Lesley had her wing mirror on her car ripped off in the early hours of wednesday morning who ever done it must have used brute force as its electronic mirrors which only turn in & out when the key is in the ignition.I would see the point of them doing this to use on their own car but to just do it for badness is just pointless.It cost £185.00 to get a new one & get it fitted tell you if i find out who it was they had better beware anyway thats my moan out the way now.The house is so quite Debbie & Lesley are house sitting for a friend for a week everyone said enjoy it whilst you can but im missing them already & its only been one night this time next week i will be wishing they were still house sitting there's no pleasing us mum's is there.