Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No news

Not really got any news unless you call a local hotel going up in flames at about 05.30 am The hotel seaforth was up for sale recently and who ever bought it had planned to knock it down and build flats but the person didn't get planning permission as part of the hotel was a listed building they were refused permission last night & the place burns down in the early hours of the morning.Debbie got home from work at 8.30 tonight & the police & fire brigade were still there its still burning in parts.Now im NOT one for gossip but the same thing happend to my old school in Glasgow because one of the buildings was a listed building they couldn't touch it someone torched it & now its all flats coincedence or what?Just now im sitting listening to the new Billy Joel cd im not a fan of his but like some of his songs it's really quite good oh well just about bed time i think although im not that tired so night night.