Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A lovley day

Boy that tastes good Amy enjoying a lick of uncle Charlie's icelolly

Had a really lovley day today i done a spot of babysitting for debbie & Lesley's friend Susan. Her daughter is 5 months old & her name is Amy she is just a little angel full of smiles & telling stories she was no bother i have watched her before & she's just a happy & contented baby (Just the way i like them) Any way i gave her lunch which was baby rice followed by her milk gosh you cant feed her quick enough as soon as you took the spoon away to put more food on it she was sat there with her mouth wide open waiting for more.She lay & kicked her legs & tried to do her new party trick rolling over on to her tummy but she just couldn't do it today then she fell asleep for nearly 3 hours & wakened up for her tea but before that uncle Charlie was giving her licks of his icelolly & boy did she enjoy it.We think she's started teething as she kept eating her fingers & when i gave her a teething ring she was biting really hard on it