Tuesday, June 20, 2006


June 16th
This is Miguel the head bar man he has worked at this hotel for 20 years and he is really lovley he loves Lesley and always say's she makes his heart melt.He just makes you so welcome as does all the staff.Cant wait to go back in september if i could have stayed out there till charlie & the girls come out in september belive me i would have.

Good Tan

June 15th
Hear is Charlie with his lovley golden tan i envey him as he goes lovley golden brown whilst i just peel then turn white again.This is us coming up to the end of our holiday we never really did that much we just had a chill out week but when we go back in september for 2 weeks we do all the water parks and go to see a few shows.

The lobster

Thursday 15th June
What do i look like yes a lobster or as some of the hotel staff were calling me a big red strawberrie.My legs got it the worst i could hardley walk.

Wednesday 14th june

This was the anniversary of my dad's death and it was the day i got slight sun stroke.I felt a bit foolish as i am always going on about putting lots of cream on i put cream on myself but it was only a factor 3 so i ended up ill & in my bed at 11.00pm that night.I wont do that again

Lesley can swim

June 14th
This is Lesley she has only just learned how to swim so was showing us.The pool is freezing in the 8 years we have been going to this hotel the most i have done is stuck my big toe in as it really is so cold i like my water warm.