Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hear is a sneak look at the top of the dress it's beautiful

Well today it was the turn of Lesley's friend Susan to go wedding dress shopping after getting off to a bad start with our first appointment cancelled due to the shop getting flooded.Anyway we managed to get an appointment for another shop so there was Susan telling the lady what kind of dress she was after so the lady come in with 4 Susan tried them all on but they didn't really do anything for her. The lady went away & come back with something different & as soon as it was on all we could hear was susan saying WAWO the curtains got opend & WAWO was what Lesley & i both said before our eyes was princess Susan she looked stunning i started crying A because she DID look stunning & B because i wish her mum could see her. Susan & her mum dont really get on which is why she asked me to stand in.Tomorrow it's bridesmaids shopping like Lesley susan is having 4 bridesmaids so that will be fun.


  • Oh Maggie it sounds wonderful, Its so nice that you're there for Susan, my own Mum isn't around any more and I know how much it means to me to have my MIL to be around.

    Have fun with the wedding planning!

    By Blogger Rhi, at 22 January, 2007  

  • Thanks so much for recommending the Arbroath shop Maggie! How lovely is the owner :) I think Ive found the ONE now but am still going to try a few more just to be sure.
    Rhi x

    By Blogger Rhi, at 27 January, 2007  

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