Sunday, May 14, 2006

Good news

Got some good news tonight my young brother is getting married in 2 weeks time they were'nt going to tell anyone they were just going to go & do it but david had to tell mum.Anyway it's just the 2 of them & christine's son & daughter as witnesses the are going to fort william to get married as they often go there fishing & camping they are getting married on 27th may which would have been my dad's birthday.We have only met Christine a couple of times but feel as though we have known her for years she is such a great girl i say girl (She's 44) it's both their second marriage but they are just so right for each other.It's good to see him settling down again i think we are going to have a night when they come back from honeymoon and we come home from majorca.

My Godson

This is my godson Sean he is 3 years old and like an old man cut down to size.He is so funny and has a beautiful smile.


Charlie went out this morning for a news paper and bought me some lovley carnations they are pink & white charlie often suprises me with flowers.Apart from that not much happening just catching up with carolyn's forum and taking a nosey at everyone else's blogs i love being nosey.