Saturday, July 29, 2006

New cloths

Lesley took me & her friend into Dundee today lesley wanted to spend her birthday money so she got a few things she got a lovley red drindel skirt anyone remember them?she also got some tops & trousers i even managed to get a couple of tops so i was pleased with that as i usually come back with nothing.Got charlie a few t-shirts for his holiday cant wait for my holiday 6 weeks tomorrow but before we go my mum has to go into hospital for a knee replacement so Charlie & i will be in Glasgow for nearly a week my brother& charlie are going to paint mum's hall & stairs whilst she's in hospital there's still a few bits & bob's needing done around the house & the garden so hopefully we will have it done by the time mum comes home from hospital.Then we have to do our ironing & packing for our holiday so it's going to be busy few weeks.