Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Well Charlie & i were out for our usual monthly saturday night out last night which we really look forward to.Our daughter's friend sings in a band well duet to be precise her name is Hazel & she sings with her dad together they are called Cheekha & they play once a month at the pub we like to go to Hazel comes all the way up from Glasgow but her dad lives hear.Well hazel started singing and that was my que to hit the dance floor (Its only a tiny dance floor) and the pub was very busy this week as there was a few things happening in Arbroath this week anyway i was getting chatted up,asked to dance by a few young lads which i loved then when i fought my way through every one to get to the toilet on my way there someone smacked my bum & i thought cheeky then on the way back i had my bum niped by someone else tell you it made my night. So after dancing the night away & non stop laughing i got up this morning and i hurt from head to toe but it was worth it.Roll on next month it will take me a month to get over my aches & pains i inflickted on myself.The photo's are
at the top Charlie & his play thing & the bottom one is me with my toyboy.Charlie's play thing is called Kat & she is a good laugh she always teases charlie with her big boobs & she weres short skirts she is married but she loves a good laugh.Oh well better go & relax these bones till the next time.