Saturday, August 26, 2006

Feeling a bit happier

Well after feeling very down over the last few day's i have finally cheered up & feeling a bit happier about things.Yesterday our Robbie Williams tickets came we go to see him next friday cant wait im so excited.Then we got a phone call from the travel agents to say our tickets were ready to pick up so we did that today i am starting to look forward to my holiday now as my sister is going to see about mum getting discharged from hospital in Glasgow to stay at my sister's in Kirkcaldy so that puts my mind at ease knowing some one will be with her 24 -7.I will probebly start getting stressed again on wednesday when mum goes through her op but i will be fine once it's all over with.Not much more to add so that will probebly be my last blog till we get home from Glasgow next sunday.