Monday, June 19, 2006


June 13th
Gosh anyone reading this Blog will be thinking we are alcoholics we ARE but only on holiday.Hear is Debbie trying a blue laggon i cant remember what was in it i think it had vodka in it i didn't really like this one it was a bit sickning

Another night

13th June Another night another cocktail this time we were at benny hills which was really busy they play music for everyone in this pub & the atmosphere is great.Hear i am again with another cocktail this one is a black russian which is vodka,tia maria & coke its really nice but very strong.


Hears Debbie & myself with a cocktail this one is called sex on the beach and is really nice it has vodka,peach shnapps & i cant remember what else was in it but it went down very nicley.Had a few that night


June 12th
This is abba the tribute group we have been to see them 3 times now & they are still as good as they were the first time.Everyone joins in and they really get the crowd going.Will go back to see them again in september

The night was still young

June 12th
Again this photo was taken in Pachas the night was still young so we took some photo's before it got to busy ABBA was playing that night.

A few wee drinks

12th June
Hear is Debbie & Lesley enjoying a few drinks this was in a pub called Pachas which is really good.They have tribute bands on then late they play lots of good music.

On the balcony

June 12th Hear i am standing out on our balcony gosh i knew i had put on a bit of weight but i look huge infact charlie said i look pregnant.Will have to try & loose some weight before going back to Majorca in September.

My holiday

June 11th
Well thats our week's holiday over we had a really lovley relaxing time after a few misshaps.The weather was great lovley and hot in fact i had mild sunstroke got a bit to much sun on the wednesday just sitting by the pool thought i had enough cream on and only sat out for about 2 hours so now im walking around like a lobster.I felt quite sad on wednesday as my dad died 1 year ago that day we went down to the cliffs and let off a white balloon each we just watched as they floated away over the sea it was nice just watching them float away into the distance.This is the veiw from our room although we have been to this hotel 8 times now this is not the best view we have had rooms that look over the pool as well as the sea but cant complain it was still a great view.We sit late at night or early morning watching the cruise ships sailing from & to Palma harbour.