Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday night not done anything much i have been on the net nearly all night checking out florida.We booked our first holiday to florida yesterday but we are not going till next october still have a couple of holidays to take this year.So i have been checking out the parks and what you can do ect it looks pretty amazing so many parks to choose from my daughters want to go to discovery cove where they can swim with dolphins but it is quite expensive but then they would only ever do this once in their life.My sister,brother-inlaw & 2 nephews (Callum & Scott) are going to but they are going to the quality inn plaza we are going to the rodeway inn both are on international drive.It's now 23.35 so i will leave things as they are just now (Need my nightly fix of Carolyn's forum)

My Nephew Callum

This is Callum my other Nephew scott's big brother and i love him he also melts my heart Callum is 9 although he comes up to my shoulder i think it maybe something to do with his dad being 6ft 7ins.He knows i spoil him & Scott as we see quite a lot of them.We have 9 other neices & nephews and 2 great nephews but they all live in Glasgow so we dont see so much of them.The boys come to stay with us during the school holidays & they love when uncle Charlie gets home from work as he goes out to the back garden with them i dont know who is The biggest child (ha ha)

My Nephew Scott

This is my Nephew Scott he is 3 years old and a little diamond.he melts my heart when he tells me Auntie margaret i love you.I love spoiling him he has the most beautiful smile.He is quite tall to he comes up to my waist or should that be where my waist USED to be

Here is my husband

This is Charlie my nearest & dearest we will be married 28 years on friday he is my sole mate and we always know what each other is thinking or we say the same thing at the same time (Scarey at times)I met Charlie when we both worked in a soft drinks factory and got on from day one he used to send me wee love notes in the bottles up the convere belt how romantic is that.

My 2 daughters

This is my 2 daughters Debbie the one with glasses will be 27 in june & lesley will be 25 in july.They both still stay at home as they cant afford to move out like us they love their holiday's abroad.I suppose they will move out and settle down with a lad one day we are so proud of them they do a lot round the house which helps me.

Saturday 13th May

Nothing exciting happening today.Went into town to get weekly shopping we went in to the travel agent's to get some money exchanged for our holiday to Majorca.We go 4 weeks today and we cant wait.This is a photo of my daughter's friend's little girl she is called Caitlin and she will be one next month she is so cute.Thats my daughter Lesley in the photo

This is me on holiday in Majorca last year we are going again in 4 weeks.We call it our 2nd home as we have been going there to the same place & hotel since 1999 and we are going twice this year