Monday, February 12, 2007

More Blooms

Well after feeling really down the past few days i have just treated myself to some more Blooms i got some (Well a load) a couple of weeks ago & i was going through the site that sells them when another £17.00 worth fell into my basket.I keep buying all these beautiful things & not doing anything with them i am still waiting for my cuttlebug so will start using some of my stash up then.The amount of stash i have is getting bigger by the week i really need to stop impulse buying i bought an alphabet set from Nicola at the beginning of the year & i still haven't used it. I really should start making mothers day cards but it looks like my get up & go has gone for good i think it got thrown out with the christmas paper,cards ect. If it doesn't come back soon i will end up selling everything but thats something i DONT want to do i have lots of ideas i just cant be bothered doing anything about it.Oh well thats all for now.