Monday, October 23, 2006


Lesley & boyfriend Blair

Lesley's boyfriend has asked her to move in with him & she said yes BUT she cant move in just now as she is saving to go to florida next october plus the flat he is in is tiny & i mean really tiny so they are going to buy some where together hence waiting till after florida.She has just about moved in any way she stays with him 5/6 nights a week but she said it's to claustaphobic (Sorry about the spelling) Now all we need is for Debbie to get a lad & she can move out to then i can have a CRAFT ROOM.Wont hold my breath though.Charlie,Debbie & i have a night out on saturday so i will have a look around to see if i can see any young free & single lads for her i really do WANT that craft room He He


  • Ooh Maggie - that craft room is getting closer and closer :-)

    I didn't leave home til 25 - loved my home comforts too much! LOL

    By Blogger Debbie, at 25 October, 2006  

  • hehehehehehe Oh Maggie you make me laugh, I was out and married before I was twenty!!!! My other sister was more or less the same..young girls these days what are they


    By Blogger Saffa, at 25 October, 2006  

  • Whoohoo your craft room's getting closer! Sounds fantastic :D

    By Blogger Rhi, at 26 October, 2006  

  • Hiya Maggie hows things? you havent blogged for a while and I visit every day xxxx

    By Blogger Rachel, at 29 October, 2006  

  • So it's one down - one to go then Maggie, then you'll have your craft room .... lol!!!! I had my own place when I was 19 - your girls know where they are better off ..xx

    By Blogger Lynne.x, at 01 November, 2006  

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