Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh my back

My poor back is really sore i thought i was being clever ironing some clothes for my holiday only i over done it & now im paying for it not to worry though i can rest from tomorrow till we leave on saturday.Cant wait for saturday to come round as we really need our holiday after it being a bit of a bad year for us.Cant wait to get some sun that always helps with my aches & pains along with some alcohol He He.We are all packed and ready to go not to sure whats happening at the airports i think i can take on my handbag just as well where else would i put all my medication i wouldn't like to pack it in my suitcase as it would be just my luck my suitcase would get lost.Well thats all for now.


  • You're packed already, Maggie???? Wow that's organised for you - I usually start mine about an hour (or less) before I'm due to leave for the airport.

    Hope your back pains ease off before Saturday.

    By Blogger LisaBabe, at 07 September, 2006  

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