Friday, September 08, 2006

Im off

Well the packing is all done passports are ready so just have to wait for tomorrow to come then we are off to SUNNY Majorca.Cant wait we just love majorca & have been going there since 1999 this was our first holiday abroad & we fell in love with it the apartments/hotel was known as the Barcelo Torrenova but it changed hands to new owners at the end of last season.We were there for a week in june & wasn't very pleased with the changes ie they have closed the resturant so if you went half board you have to go to the pool side bar which doesn't open if it's raining that doesn't bother us as we go self catering but if you wanted a meal in the resurant you just paid at the time.When you come out of the resturant it takes you to the entertainment place so when people come out the resturant they would stay & watch the entertainment but because the resturant is closed there's no one there to watch the entertainment & in turn there's no one at the bar.Cant see this lovley hotel lasting to much longer they also only change the towels every 4 days which isn't so good & they are charging you if you want the spare key.Anyway we will go & enjoy ourselfs as always sampling some of the cocktails on our nights out.Will post photo's when i get back.


  • I have been tagged from Lythan so am now tagging you!

    By Blogger Carolyn, at 10 September, 2006  

  • Ok just catching up to find Carolyn has tagged me.Gosh i have never done this before so hear goes
    1 which famous person would i like to learn i descended from?

    It would probebly be someone royal dont know why it would be nice to say i was related to Queen Victoria

    2Which famous person you would hate to be descanded from?
    Myra hyndley

    3 If you could be ancestor to any living famous person
    Got to be robbie williams.

    4 If you could go back in time & meet any known ancestor(s)
    It would be to meet my dad's brother who was killed in world war one & my dad's mum as she died when i was a baby.

    Tag 5 others.


    By Blogger maggie, at 24 September, 2006  

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