Monday, September 04, 2006

Robbie Williams Oh what a night

Well i had my big night out on friday night we went to the Robbie Williams concert at Hampden football park in Glasgow and he was absolutly brilliant i couldn't believe i was actually there seeing my idol this is the first time i have seen him he was on stage for 2 hours and i sang and danced for the whole 2 hours needless to say on saturday i had just about lost my voice and i felt like i had been hit by a steamroller but it was worth every aching bone,joint & sore throat.He had his friend johnny wilkisson with him they did a version of me and my shadow they were very good.As the night was drawing to a close he went off stage after saying goodnight and came back on and sang angels i had a lump in my throat and started crying i was just overcome with emotion the tears just would't stop.When we got home to mum's we went to bed but i couldn't sleep as i was still hyped up & i kept going over & over the songs he sang i think i got to sleep about 05.00am would i go back & see him again DAMMED right i would.


  • Hi Maggie,
    I am still waiting for you to sing the rest of the song :)

    By Anonymous H, at 05 September, 2006  

  • H my throat is very sore so im trying to rest it either that or when we go to majorca on saturday i will have to keep my throat cool with SOTB He He

    By Blogger maggie, at 05 September, 2006  

  • I might of known you would get back to SOTB He he

    By Anonymous H, at 06 September, 2006  

  • Well any excuse will do & mine is my sore throat got to cool it down some how He He

    By Blogger maggie, at 06 September, 2006  

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