Sunday, October 15, 2006

My brother & sister inlaw

Lesley's boyfriend Blair & friend having a dance.Lesley wasn't there as she is on night shift.A good night was had by all

Debbie having a dance with her uncle John
Charlie & i up having a slow dance.

This is a photo of my brother John & sister inlaw June who came up to visit us on saturday.We were out dancing the night away again had a really good night i ache from head to toe but it was good we all had a good time.


  • Loving your pis Maggie...Glad you are feeling a bot mor chipper (always wanted to use that word) hehehe

    PLEASE NOTE: I have renamed my blog the link is now


    By Blogger Saffa, at 18 October, 2006  

  • Great to hear from you on my blog Maggie, its not about competition its about fun so come and join in :) Are you still able to make sunday, I do hope so, It'd be lovely to meet you :)

    By Blogger Rhi (Broken Account), at 22 October, 2006  

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