Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not blogged for a while

Just a quick update as you will see by my last post i have not been to good with the depression thing going on.Thankfully im feeling a whole lot better we were at a 18th birthday party on friday night it was a karaoke/Disco i was up dancing all night long & had a shot at karaoke Debbie & i sang stupid cupid but i didn't realise the guy had turned debbie's microphone down so i could be herd (Debbie sings all the time) So i think it was a set up anyway there was me up there singing my heart out & really enjoying it people were up dancing to it & the aplause at the end was great it really boosted my confidence. Then on saturday my brother & sister inlaw came up from Glagow for an over night stay so we were back out again on saturday night.I was up dancing again but my feet were still sore from the night before but i danced the night away anyway.Getting up from my bed this morning i felt like i have been hit by a 10 ton truck was it worth it Too right it was.


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