Monday, August 21, 2006

Had a nice day

We had a nice day yesteday Debbie & Lesley were taking us out for a run in the car then we were going to have lunch or tea we ended up going into Dundee as we were in Kirkcaldy on saturday & Lesley bought a cardigan to wear out on saturday night but when she put it on she realised there was a hole in it she got it from Bon Marche in Kirkcaldy so to save going back to Kirkcaldy we took it back to the dundee branch but they didn't have any so she got her money back.We were asked what we wanted to do go for lunch or go for a meal at our local we decided to go for the meal it was lovley.After that we went out with the girls for karaoke which was good fun & NO i DIDN'T sing (i would have cleared the pub) Charlie just had a few shandy's as he is up at 04.00am for work Lesley is up at 06.66am & Debbie at 07.00am so i was the only one that could have a few little drinks as i didn't have to get up for anything.Lesley' s boyfriend joined us & we got to know him a bit better he is a lovley lad & he adores Lesley & Lesley adores him to.AW young love isn't it lovley.


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