Saturday, August 19, 2006

My day

Well we went to kirkcaldy today the girls took us in the car it was quite a good day although i never got anything much well i got a top dont know if it fits as i couldn't be bothered trying it on in the shop but it was a bargain i got it for £4.00 so if it doesn't fit then i have'nt wasted a lot of money.Debbie & Lesley got quite a few things clothes for their holiday well it's supposed to be for their holiday but they are away out tonight glamed up with all their new things on just hope they dont drink to much as they are taking Charlie & i out for the day tomorrow we are either going to have lunch or an early tea depends what time we leave at & where we go.Got a few bits & bobs from Burns & Harris in Kirkcaldy some how that branch sells better things than dundee got a few ideas for making some wedding samples but it will have to wait till im in the mood.


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