Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It must be serious

I think Lesley & blair's relationship is serious why? Because we are going out for a meal with Blair's mum & dad on sunday i'm already panicking as im not good round new people i always blab a lot of rubbish but Blair said his mum's the same (Think he's just saying that to put my mind at ease)Anyway Lesley has met them a few times & said they are really nice & just like us his mum loves winding him up about getting married & i do the same to BOTH of them he he.So there could be a lot of wedding talk i have warned Charlie to be on his best behaviour.


  • Maggie - I hope you are still saving for that hat - sounds like you will be needing it.

    Have a lovely time - bet it goes really well :-)

    Take care


    By Blogger Debbie, at 09 November, 2006  

  • Cheers Debbie the nearer it gets the more my tummy turns.

    By Blogger maggie, at 10 November, 2006  

  • Hey Maggie, nice to catch up with you.

    Hope the meal goes well - it does sound a bit serious eh?

    Don't be daft about your cards - The blog is all about having a go and having some fun at the same time - plus maybe trying something you would never nromally do. Believe me, we all stress about each and every dare!

    By Blogger Kathy, at 11 November, 2006  

  • Maggie don't worry about the dinner - just think of it as an opportunity to make new friends, plus your daughter wouldn't organise something for you if she didn't think you'd enjoy it.

    I agree with Kathy about the cards - it's great fun (even if I've still not found a needle for doing last week's dare yet!!)


    By Blogger LisaBabe, at 12 November, 2006  

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