Friday, August 04, 2006

Kenny's birthday card

This is a birthday card i made for a friend's 50th birthday.His name is Kenny & he sings in our local pub along side his daughter Hazel together they are called Cheekha & they are great singing anything from 60s till present.Kenny also does karaoke in a couple of the pubs on a thursday & sunday and he will be 50 in september.Anyway i couldn't think of a way to make a card for him so asked for help on CBC and as usual the amount of help & advice i got was great so hears what i did.Ellen sent me a card with musical instruments on it & Joanne down sized the photo which originally had Hazel in it with her arm around kenny's neck so thank you for that joanne you did a great job.To finish off the card i have added a microphone cut out of the Argos catalogue and added some musical peeloffs around the edges.It doesn't really look that good in the photo but it looks good in the flesh im sure he will love it.His birthday isn't till the end of september but i thiught i would do it just now as i have a lot of stuff comming up so thought i would do it just now so im not rushing around at the last minute.


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