Friday, August 04, 2006

Feeling a bit down

Cant put my finger on how i feel tonight im feeling quite low dont know why ok maybe i do i have been trying to loose some weight for my holiday but it just isn't shifting i have tried smaller portions drinking loads of water ect but i still stay the same i know it's better than putting weight on but at the moment thats not how i feel.Got a few things on my mind at the moment we are due to go on holiday in 5 weeks time which im really looking forward to but my mum has to go into hospital the week before we go on holiday for a knee replacement so im worried about that although Charlie & i are going through on the tuesday night and will stay till sunday all being well mum should get home on the monday or tuesday.I know she wont be short of visitors but it doesn't stop me worrying it's bad enough we live 100 miles apart anyway but when im in majorca thats a different story.Mum keeps saying i have to go & enjoy my holiday which i will do my best to i will phone her every day the only thing is if she did have a problem she wont want me told about it.She had a DVT about 6 years ago and has been told this could come back again when she had the DVT she was in Benidorm with her sister but mum nearly died as the clot had broken up & had went to her heart & lungs she was only hours from death & was in intensive care for 2 weeks but she got better i think deep down this is whats worrying me.Hopefully i will feel fine again tomorrorw some how it helps when you put into words how your feeling but all the girls & Calv lift my spirits & make me laugh & seeing photo's of all the forum babies cheer me up no end with their cheeky big grins.


  • awwwwwww Maggie I know your feeling down abot your lack of weight loss, and I bet it doesnt help when others are losing. Has the gp considered drugs to help kickstart? they did consider this with me, but I opted out but I know Tracie has them.

    It must be a worry with your mum (huuuggggg) can only send positive vibes that things run smoothly for her.

    I will try and post more piccies of my babies to keep you smiling hehe

    sending you hugs from Charlotte, Jack and of course a big one from me (((hhhhuuuuggggggg)))))

    By Blogger Rachel, at 06 August, 2006  

  • Rachel dont think my gp will give me any more drugs as im on a lot just now for high blood pressure which i have inherited from my mum & dad im also taking painkillers for my athritis AGAIN inherited from mum & dad then im on 2 different antidepresants Oh 7 tablets for my cholesterol.So i dont want to be taking any more tablets you can hear me coming i rattle when i walk HE HE

    By Blogger maggie, at 06 August, 2006  

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