Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Not a lot

Still not much happening just now.My best friend died 8 years ago & today would have been her & Jim's silver wedding so i have been thinking of her a lot today although i think of her every day we were best friends for 20 years she was simply the best friend you could ever get she would give you her last penny we used to have a lot of laughs & do silly things.Should start looking through my suitcase as we are off to Majorca in 10 days it cant come quick enough just to get away & relax & do nothing except shopping,drinking,shopping OH & SHOPPING hehe.Now which cocktails shall i try i like Black russian's & sex on the beach tried some red love Debbie drinks that it's nice bit a bit sweet for me but hey i will try anything.Well thats me updated for now hope i have something exciting to say in my next update.


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